Working With Energies


Did you ever went outside, down the main street, and saw people wich are the total opposite of impressive in any way (you know, the „grey mouse“ kind of people), but you had to look at them, only because they are there, you didn’t see something special, but they made you feel in a certain way?
Have you ever had the wish other people would recognize you the same way?
Have you ever had the wish people should feel in a certain way if they look at you?
Have you ever had the wish that should be done without the need to dress in a certain way?
Have you ever had the wish that should be?
Have you ever thought there must be a magickal way to archive that goal?
Yes there is….
You might have heard about the „aura“ sometimes, it describes the energie field surrounding you, as every other being out there. This field of energy normaly reflects your physical and mental status, so if you are sick and you feel bad the „aura“ looks different as if you feel very happy, and other people are able to feel how you are.
So the only thing that has to be done is to manipulate the look of your „aura“…

How to manipulate the „aura“, a little exercise:
Before you leave your home, sit down comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine the energie field surrounding you.
Start to color it in something between dark blue and black…
Imagine it in that color for 2-3 minutes, let the color become reality. Stand up, and go…

Watch how people react.
Next time, do the same as the last time, but don’t color it dark, use a fresh green (like the green of fresh grass after the rain (imagine the smell too)). Stand up, and go…
Watch how people react this time.

Try with different colors, as time goes by, and with some training you will be able to change the look of your „aura“ almost immediately.

Mindcontrol and Imagination
Exercises on Imagination
There are many forms of Magic out there, they are all different to each other, but one thing they have all in common, you must be able to imagine what you want. In my opinion Imagination is the hardest to learn for a Magickan. What? You say, you‘re Imagine the whole day throu, and it‘s no problem? Let me ask you a question, are you able to Focus ONE thing in your Imagination for more than 30 seconds without letting your mind hoping around to other things. And if you‘re able to do this, can you control you‘re Imagination, are you able to let it become reality (not physical!)?

Exercise 1:
Lay down on your back, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Don‘t move, just breath and try to stop thinking. After a short period you should be able to focus your mind on one thought, now imagine your legs become heavier and getting warm, remember just this one thought and don‘t move.

Exercise 2:
When you are able to do Exercise 1 without problems, you should start Exercise 2 with the same steps, imagine your legs become heavier and warm, do the same with your arms at the same
time, when you‘re able to do this start with the next body-part, until your complete body feels heavy and warm (except the Heart!!), remember just one thought and don‘t move.

Exercise 3:
In the first 2 Exercises you got a feedback from your Imagination, therefore they are relatively simple to master. This one isn‘t as simple to master as the other two. Start with the first Steps from Exercise 1, but don‘t focus your mind on your legs. Imagine a Cube on your internal eye (Wireframe model at best!). Hold the Cube as long as you can! Repeat this Exercise until you can hold the Cube for 5 minutes or more.

Exercise 4:
Start like Exercise 3, but let the Cube begin to spin around his axle center. Repeat until you can hold the spinning Cube for 5 minutes or more.

Exercise 5:
Start like Exercise 4, but don‘t imagine a Cube, use a spinning Pyramid, together with this Pyramid imagine a Circle, set it on Top of the Pyramid an let it spin in the other Direction. Repeat
until you can hold the two models spinning for 5 minutes or more.

Exercise 6:
Repeat Exercise 4 & 5, and fill the Cube/Circle/Pyramid with colors.

Exercise 7:
Now you have learned to imagine things and to control them, from now on start your imaginations with complexer scenes than just a Cube, Try to Control things in your Imagination, until you are
able to control the whole scene. Remember one thought, don‘t move!

These Exercises will help you to improve your talent on Imagination, but they are also a good training for mind-control.

Success Magick
Success Magick is a form of Magick which needs a big Talent on Imagination. It is a form of Magick which doesn‘t need an altar or a big ritual. It is a form of Magick which is very Powerfull if
you know how to master it, but it is very very ineffective if you aren‘t able to do so. To use Success Magick you need nothing special, only Complete Body and Mind control, and that‘s hard enough. The way Success Magick functions is relatively simple, you only have to focus Energies on an Imaginated Goal, and let it become Reality. But to archieve the goal is an art, and it is hard to learn.

If you have doubts about your Magick, Success Magick won‘t work, like every other form of Magick.

In most Magickal Rituals you are manipulating energies, to archieve your Goal, in Success Magick you will do the same, without a Ritual, you have to manipulate the Energies only with your mind.

The best way to start your journey in S. Magick is the Evil-Eye technique, it is not a S. Magick technique, but it is very usefull to learn how Powerfull your mind can be, and it shows you how to

Another good way to start with S. Magick is to do a Ritual in your mind, imagine the whole scene, control the Ritual as you would do in Reality, do the Ritual in your mind, feel it, let it become
Reality, but don‘t move. If you‘re able to do this, you have to realize that the „Imagined Ritual“ is as Powerfull as a Ritual you have done with your hand, and then Success Magick will work for

You see, Success Magick is not here to replace other Forms of Magick, it is a tool to help you on your Magickal way of life.
With Success Magick you are able to do Thelemetic or Saturni forms of Magick (and many more), but from now on you can do it without the need of other tools than your mind. But you have to Realize, a real Ritual is also an art that should be explored by every Magickan.


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