The Truth About Darkness

Darkness is something that some believe is a facet of the Left Hand Path. For some groups, this may be true. For the Church of Lucifer, it is not. Lucifer, the Morning Star, stems from Latin, this is the full definition: LIGHT: lucifer -fera -ferum [light-bearing , light-bringing]; m. as subst. [the morning star]. Now, being a part of the Left Hand Path, one seeks for knowledge and creating their own personal reality via magick. When studying magick, you study yourself. The end goal is en-LIGHT-enment. What is so dark about that? Also, I have been told, in passing conversations, that the WILL will stagnate without darkness.
Now, within darkness there is nothing. In this same conversation, I was told to look at a midnight sky and experience the darkness. When I looked at the midnight sky, I saw not darkness, but millions of points of light. Stars.. The Left Hand Path practitioner seeks out these points of light, these tid bits of knowledge, shining bright within the darkness, illuminating it. Knowledge is light,
ignorance is darkness.

Now, concerning those who are confused. There are many, many occultists out there who are quite knowledgable. But it tends to be an incomplete knowledge. To know something and
applying it, are two completely different things. For example, I know someone who was a member of the Temple of Set. (I must note here that this article is in no way of a defamatory nature to the Temple of Set.) He got as far as receiving the Crystal Tablet, The Book of Coming Forth by Night, Ruby Tablet, the Diabolicon and a few others that I cannot remember at this time. Then, he started analyzing the ideals of the Temple of Set, and its Setian Philosophy. I do know that he once stated to "higher ups" within the Temple of Set that Xeper will lead to the demise of Set. I am not commenting as to whether or not he is right or wrong, and that is not the point of this article anyway. Not long after that, he left the Temple of Set. His over-analyzation of that which is spiritual belief, was his way to find an exit, whether or not he was right. Before that, he had studied LaVeyan/Modern Satanism, and left that as well when he felt that he "knew" everything about it. I don't believe he was a member of the Church of Satan, but then again, this article is not about the COS either. Then, he joined the Order of Shaitan. Upon hearing the inane ramblings of the now defunct Order of Shaitan's High Priest, he left them and came to the Church of Lucifer.

His tutelage in magick, he had learned some of our magickal principles and Luciferian Philosophy. Rev. Frederick Nagash and I explained to him what we are all about. In recent
conversation, he has tried to analyze the Luciferian Tradition. No matter how many times he was told, he constantly and consistently clung to the ideals of darkness.
In later conversations, he told me that he will not refer to magick as being "black" or "white".

Which is good, that is breaking from the christian ideal. However, he did mention the Lord of Darkness, which would imply "black magick". Also, he mentioned the "Black Flame" which, I do give credit to the Church of Satan for, since they are the ones who created the term, and use it as
the title of there Newsletter/Magazine. And then, he mentions his "Black Heart". Now, the heart is an organ that is within one's body to pump blood. If a heart was truly black, one would not be alive. He tends to use these "darkness" aspects, but refuses to use the term "black magick", which is a total hypocrisy.

It seems that he just couldn't handle any other ideals than the stupidity that the christians have imposed upon mankind. That is that any other belief other than christianity is darkness, and that they are the only religion/spiritual belief that is light. Now, you can see how christianity has
brainwashed mankind. There are millions of people who have this belief and cannot be break free from it. The Left Hand Path practitioners that fall into this category, no matter how many books they read, no matter how many teacher they have, their belief in darkness will limit them as a
magickian. They will never amount to anything magickally, ever.

if the Church of Lucifer were to try to become tax exempt it would be laughed at, I say why, we are a Church? Actually the answer is simple, Christians keep to Christians and only do for Christians it is religious discrimination but the government will call it something different or claim
we are a cult not a Church because the government is a cesspool of one huge Christian pile of dung. No thinking, rational, intelligent human being would buy there salvation so to speak, also no rational human would believe in the garbage preached by these self-rightous idiots!!! If we as a
movement are going to accomplish anything we need to weed out these evangelists and gain airtime on the “Boob tube” to tell these weak minded fools the truth, no one else will!
Leading a Satanic Lifestyle How to lead a fulfilling Satanic lifestyle without falling into stereotypes, (I have for me ,and I'm sure others have discovered as well,) that one can be the Satanist without falling into the lifestyle
that is stereotyped on us. I personally have a fulfilling Satanic lifestyle without any suspicion. How is this done? Well, for one, don't let others who are into "cookie cutter" Satanism think for you.

Think for yourself! This is the idea behind Free Thought Satanism. Use your own imagination about what is right for you. Surround your self daily with objects (rings, charms, etc) that reflect your Satanic desires. This is a good way to keep in touch with those feelings. I personally keep
some sort of Satanic object around at all times, usually a pentagram. Satanists must also use what I call "stealth". Around others, one can learn much this way. Keep your works secret, not letting anyone know. Wearing a black robe out on the street with your face painted is not "stealth". Though, if one chooses this method, then so be it! I have found the more I'm secretive, the more that is revealed to me over time. This method has proven effective to me over the years
in many situations I have come in contact with.

Other Religions

Wiccan‘s are more dangerous than Xtian‘s! I always thought (as most brothers and sisters do) Xtianity is the most dangerous Religion for the Satanic Community, but I was wrong. It‘s Wicca!! You may ask why, how could it be
that this few weak FemeDoms out there will be more dangerous to us than the big amount of Xtian‘s telling lies about Satanism?

Short answer:
They are Fanatics!

Long answer:
I‘ve talked to many people in my satanic life, including Saturn People, Pagans, Celtics, Thelema and many more. They all didn‘t know what Satanism is, so I explained them and they said:
„That‘s Satanism? I didn‘t know that, it‘s not my way of Life, but it‘s Cool!“
And whenever I talked to Xtian People they where scared about me (love that ;) ), and after starting to explain what Satanism is in Reality they became great listeners which accept my way of life, they still don‘t like the word „Satanism“ but they accept what I am. But when it comes to talkin‘ to Wiccan‘s I can‘t explain what Satanism is, they knew it better than me, they call me liar, because Satanism can‘t be that way. So I asked: „Why?“ and they said:
„We KNOW, we Know everything“. I tried to explain them how my Magic works, and they said: „You can‘t be a Magican, you don‘t use a Circle!“, and I said: „I don‘t need a Circle“.
After that they replied: „Your magic doesn‘t work, We KNOW, we Know everything“. I tried to get them at their assess and asked them:
„You said you don‘t harm anyone (anything), right? But you use the energy of the elements without askin‘ them if they want to give it to you, you harm them in that way, don‘t you?“
They replied: „ We don‘t need to ask, they want give us their energy, We KNOW, we Know everything, we don‘t harm them!“.
  At least I said: „But you harm me, if you‘re tellin‘ lies about me and my Religion!“
„We don‘t harm you, cause you are the liar, what we say is the truth, the only truth, we KNOW, we Know all about you, we Know everything!“ they answered in their self-rightous,
narrowmindend way. And that‘s the fact that makes them more dangerous then Xtians, you can talk to most people out
their with varios beliefsystems and they will listen to you. OK there are fanatics in each religion, but in Wicca there are only fanatics, they lie to themselves to feel „Good“ and say that all others are wrong.

And if all other Religions will be gone Wiccan‘s will still state that we are childmolesters and killers, and if Xtian‘s will accept us as what we are Wiccan‘s will still state that we rape thousands of Women each year, that makes them dangerous, cause most people out there would belief their lies.Even Xtians can change their mind, Wiccan‘s can‘t, cause „They KNOW, they Know everything“

Have you ever wondered why christians are so brainwashed into the bible? Well, I can tell you that such a plan was not composed over night. There is no way that Jesus Christ could have lived according to the King James version of the bible. It is historical fact that there are books taken
from the bible and molded into what we know today as the bible. Though I have confronted many christians with this fact, they refuse to believe it or they turn and walk away. They refuse to believe the fact that Jesus was with women, had brothers and some experts believe, had children. In the days of the bible, if Jesus had not done this things as men were expected to do, he would not have even been written about. He was a human and had human desires. But those
who constructed the bible, took out those things that made him human because they did not want people to think Jesus was anything less than the son of God. As for his mother, Mary, to bring a bastard child into the world, proclaiming that he is the son of God, would have gotten her stoned
in those days. Many people try to say that Christ came about through a virgin birth. This is not
humanly possible. If she did, then that means Christ (supposed) father God, raped her. Do not allow yourself to become subject to this controversy. Many people will go to there graves thinking
Christ is there savior. He is the one who people need saving from, for he is the brings lies and false hopes into the brains of everyone who follows his teachings. And his "so called" miracles are nothing more than fairy tales invented to confuse and brainwash those who are in there
weakest moments. Too many people have bought into these lies. It is our jobs as Satanists, to crack open the pack of lies, known as the bible, and expose it for what it really is.

Beware of Christian Tactics

As many of us know christians will stop at nothing to brainwash us,after all they have mastered the art. Beware of those you associate with ,do not allow a christian to corner you with their "brainwashing tactics". If you are, ask them politely to stop. If they do not, let them know were you
stand without haste. This has worked for me on many occasions. Also, refrain from any conversation with people may question your beliefs. People tend to fall into a "christian mode" when they think they are in the presence of a Satanist. This will save you a lot of trouble, and
possibly, those you choose to converse with do not share your beliefs .Those who fall into this "mode" will begin to use the brainwashing on you (or others) because the same was done to them.

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