The Power Of Darkness


What are the 'Powers of Darkness'? Some Satanists, especially LeVayian Satanists, see 'It' (the Powers of Darkness) as a dark force of nature, while others such as Spiritual Satanists, Luciferians, Setians, etc., look upon It as a non-natural, sentient Life Force within the Universe. Over the years, as a practicing ChaoSatanic Magikian, I have come to the conclusion that the
later theory is correct. Of course, how you look upon this subject depends upo n how you define the Powers of Darkness. I define Them as the Powers of Magik, Free Will, Intelligence, Imagination, Desire, Self-Awareness, Initiation/conscious and deliberate Self-Transformation and
Deification, Creative Will, Spiritual Being, etc. All of these things are what distinguishes humanity from the rest of nature. We are all non-natural sentient Beings, our very spiritual 'nature' transcends nature - therefor, I can only logically conclude that the Powers of Darkness are a no
n-natural Life Force within the Universe and within Humanity. And it is this Life Force which energizes and quickens the Magikian on his/her Path to personal godhood.
This does not mean, however, that we are against nature or anti-nature... by no means! My Will to Magik has many a time been inspired by the beauty and wonder of the natural world... but, as a Black Magikian I am aware that it is through the Essence of the Powers of Darkness within me -the
Black Flame, that I am capable of 'seeing' nature's beauty and drawing inspiration from it.

Vengeance Is Mine, Saith The Satanist

I have been a student of Satanic and Chaos Magik or 'ChaoSatanic Magik' for over a decade. My reasons for choosing to follow the Path of the Left Hand are many, but I feel the main reason is my belief that within each of us there indwells an individual hidden Truth, inspired by the gift of the Black Flame. And to me, the Satanic Covenant is for the Satanist to seek, explore and to ultimately strive to become or actualize this hidden or Dark Truth within them. This is the premise of Thelema, and it is the Word of Satan, that is Indulgence, the Word of Freedom, which
empowers us to brake the chains of bondage to the spiritual status-quo and the herd-mentality; therefor freeing us to Be our True Self.

The Satanic religion is the only religion that serves as a vehicle through which one can ultimately express their individual Freedom of Mind and Will - the gift of the Lord of Darkness to humanity. And as Satanists, we are free from the superstitious nonsense and false piety of Right
Hand path thought-forms. Which brings me to the main subject of this paper - the Satanist's Right to Vengeance. I am a strong adherent of t he Infernal Dictum "Do unto others as they do unto you," or "If a man smites you on one cheek, smash him on the other!" The subject of Curse Magik can at times be a touchy one for many occultists, but the Satanist realizes that there are times when just standing your ground against a foe isn't enough. It's kind of hard to turn the other cheek when someone keeps beating the shit out of you with a baseball bat, or is trying to slit your18 throat. Sometimes extreme situations call for extreme measures, and Magik can be a GREAT tool for bringing about justice in our lives.

Of course there are different levels of Curse Magik, the most extreme being the Rite of Death. Only once in my fifteen years as a practicing Sorcerer have I invoked the Curse of Death upon an individual. My victim at one time was a very good friend to me; he was someone I actually looked
up to. But, unfortunately he began to sink lower and lower into the realm of hard-core drugs, namely 'crank', and in his downward spiral he betrayed me as well as a couple of other people.

As our friendship dissipated, we became bitter enemies; his verbal assaults against me turned to threats, and it came to the point where just standing my ground wasn't enough. He was headed towards self-destruction, and became a danger to himself and to those around him. And so, in my anger and rage, and my tremendous feeling of betrayal, I placed a Death Curse upon him. I did this with a series of lesser Magikal workings and a ritual Invocation of Destruction, as outlined in LaVey's "Satanic Bible". My lesser Magikal workings mainly consisted of my driving by my victim's home, when I new he would be there, and I would focus or mentally channel all of my hatred and disdain for him towards his house and visualize my Magikal force finding him and
engulfing his being.

Over the following months I disassociated myself from my victim, he went his way and I went mine. It was about a year and a half later, through word of mouth, that I learned the fate of my victim. In his desperate attempt to support his drug addiction, he had broke into someone's house and got his head blown off with a shotgun fired by the houses' proprietor.

I don't think it can be stressed enough, however, that a Death Curse should always be the last resort, only invoked in extreme cases, when all other attempts at resolution have been explored and applied. The Black Magikian is enshrined with an awesome Power, and he/she must have a sense of ethics in order to maintain a state of balance. For Magik is a double-edged sword and must be wielded with intelligence, prudence and understanding. Before exercising any form of
Curse Magik, the skilled Magikian examines the problem from all angles before taking the course of action he/she deems appropriate.

Even so, I feel in the case I outlined above, that justice has been served... and my vengeance rests!

This tends to be a more than one Answer thingy, 'cause many of you would now say "Rituals are necessary for success", others would say "Rituals are totally Obsolete", and some would say "I like them, but I don't need them". Different answers for different views, as always, so I would like
to tell you what I think about that question…..

Are Rituals Obsolete?
First Answer:
Second Answer:
No, they are necessary!
Long Answer:
I think this will confuse you, right? Fine, that is how it should be. Let me explain…
If you are alone, why do you do a ritual, 'cause you would change something., but thinking straight forward, the ritual only helps you to direct your will into the right way. So, if it only helps you, you can learn to gain the same goal without the Ritual by directing your will by yourself.

If there are more people, trying to reach a goal together, there applies the same as by a single person, but it can be very difficult to get their energies together, and here is a Ritual a real handy thing, because all involved persons will put their energies together without big problems.
As you can see, a Ritual is still not necessary, but is getting more important, so when will a Ritual became necessary? When the Person and/or Group is not just doing it to accomplish a goal, but also tries to get Self awareness, Fun, and that special feeling only a Ritual can give. A Ritual is necessary if you do it for the Ritual itself, not just to success in something, and that is something
every Magickan/Witch should do from time to time, 'cause it gives you a good feeling and makes you stronger.

Orgasmic Invocation
The goal of this essay is to outline and explain the bases behind invocation through orgasm brought on by sexual intercourse or self-stimulation. Sex Magick has been a well-known type of ritual for a long time and is popular among many different types of mystics from Chaos Magickians to Hermetics. It's attributes will be described herein.

Basic Principle

The basic principle behind sex magick is simple. The feelings induced by sexual acts and the subsequent orgasm(s) put off a great deal of energy. When two people engage in sexual intercourse, their energies intertwine and become as one. This act in itself doubles the amount of energy output and when focused on a certain goal enhances the rate of success in a ritual greatly. Orgasms are the climax of this union and act as a supreme outletting of energy, whether
creational, pleasureable, or both; and when focused, can invoke almost anything. Singlular Sex Magick (aka masturbation), though not as powerful, can still be just as effective, because of the increased ease in focus. Whether or not the goal is focused on throughout the process of sex or masturbation, invocation can still be attained with an extremely focused orgasm, this being the strongest output of energy in the act.

Common Uses
The most common use of Sex Magick is in the conjuration of lust, a ritual aimed at attaining sexual relations with partner of choosing by sending the sexual energy to that person in hopes of influencing their sexual drive in your direction. In this sort of ritual, the person will masturbate to a depiction or thought of the intended goal, or will sometimes act it out. When orgasm is attained,
the person will concentrate all of the energy from it into the goal, thereby sending the energy to the person to influence the goal. Another use of Sex Magick is invocation.

The intense energy
put-off in a sex act and orgasm can be used to invoke various spirits, demons or even events1. In this scenario, the person will perform a ritual in a manner pertaining to the goal (ie. invoking a spirit to perform a duty, invoking a thunderstrom, invoking the inflow of cash, etc.) and climax the rite with a sex act, thereby putting an extreme amount of energy into the goal.

Creational Sex Magick
Though this particular kind's success is really dependent on the magickian's beliefs, it can be applied to any kind of situation. The common use of Creational Sex Magick is to use a sexual union to create either a concept or spirit-child, the product of the two souls intertwining. The rites
to these are very dependent on the person and really only work well when written wholly by the people involved.

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